Quinne Myers: Home Feels Like

On display at Dobbin Street Vintage Outpost
1033 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn NY
September 14—25, 2019

Closing reception: September 25, 6:00pm—8:00pm



Home Feels Like is an exhibition of watercolor paintings exploring the concept of patching together a home, both physically and emotionally. Romantic scenes in pen and pastel watercolor tones depict women in ethereal, lingerie-inspired garments, crafting spells beneath the moon or lounging in a forest on antique furniture.

These twee, slice-of-life snapshots seem to bend between our real modern home and a delicate fairy tale universe, with compositional inspiration from decadent Rococo-era French painters and sparkly Japanese illustrators of the 1980s. Decorated with pink rose garlands, giant iridescent pearls, metallic details, and other sweetly surreal objects, each piece evokes the feeling of peering into an entire world through one tiny looking glass, while reflecting the curated patchwork setting of a vintage-store-turned-gallery.


Quinne Myers is a multi-passionate creative living in Brooklyn, NY, whose art reflects the way she sees the world: whimsical, welcoming, and full of romance. Every aspect of her work tells sweet, meaningful stories, whether she is consulting for lingerie start-ups, writing engaging web content, or crafting unique textile designs. Her illustrative watercolor paintings are inspired by astrology, mythology, psychology, and the ways women connect themselves to the world.


⋆ Show runs September 14 - 25 at Dobbin St. Vintage Co-Op in Bushwick
⋆ Stop by during Bushwick Open Studios, September 20 - 22
⋆ Closing reception with the artist on Wednesday September 25, 6:00pm - 8:00pm (Wine! Dry cocktails! Snacks! Music! Hugs, if you want them!)


Dobbin St Vintage Co-Op: Bushwick Outpost
1033 Flushing Ave
Brooklyn, New York 11237


If you still use Facebook, RSVP to the event for handy reminders! Otherwise, come as you are during normal business hours.


Click here, or email me(at)quinnemyers(dot)com.