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A Day in the Life: Lingerie Brand Founder Helena Stuart of Only Hearts

"She doesn’t want to do another red for Autumn/Winter 17, because they did it for the two seasons before. The shade in question is a rich blue-toned red called Rosehip. Roseanne, one of the design assistants, says, “if you cut Rosehip, you don’t have a sex color.”

“Is that not a sex color?” Helena asks, pointing at a vibrant shade of blue-toned orchid.

Roseanne gives the fabric swatch a big side-eye. “It is for someone,” she jokes."

Why Empathy is The Most Important Trait in a Lingerie Boutique Employee

"Almost every single woman I fit says something bad about her body. It’s not typically spoken for a rebuttal or dismissal, but just in general, like a universal apology that someone else has to see the body she exists in. I expected it, as it happens in apparel stores as well, but it’s such a constant occurrence in lingerie retail. It’s difficult to handle because it’s a little heartbreaking every time, but it’s not something that should be completely ignored, simply scoffed at, or replied to apathetically."

What Influences Lingerie Sizing?

"The modern ready-to-wear lingerie industry is a blessing and a curse. On the bright side, it means great lingerie is widely available to many people, as opposed to just those privileged enough to have custom-made intimates. On the other hand, ready-made lingerie doesn’t fit everyone. No one fits perfectly into all available styles, even in the sizes they expect to wear. Plus, most lingerie labels sell narrow size ranges that sometimes leave consumers feeling excluded when they fall outside of the size chart.

But those size ranges are crafted for a multitude of reasons–reasons that likely have nothing to do with excluding anyone. Even the biggest lingerie lines cannot start out by making every single style in every single size, and adding sizes takes more than simply deciding to do it."

Inside 29Rooms: More Than Just Corporate-Sponsored Instagram Art

"At the end of the day, there’s such a high financial barrier to enter the art world these days. Why shouldn’t events like this host sponsored material in order to support artists and bring their art forward? And, why shouldn’t we go to events that simply exist for us to enjoy ourselves and take selfies and hang out with our friends?

29Rooms is an art exhibit, a social space, an interactive experience, and, yes, a giant Instagram Wall. Most of all, it is so much fun."

Why Dating in NYC is Actually Awesome

"You know that feeling. It happens after a great first date, when you’re walking home from your subway stop at 3 AM or the city lights are sparkling at you as your Uber crosses the bridge. When you wake up next to someone you really like and they ask you if you want to check out their favorite breakfast spot down the street. When you remember that you’re living in your favorite city in the world, full of people you love and others you don’t love yet, but just might soon.

When you think, “Maybe this one will work out.” Or maybe it won’t. Either way, humanity, happenstance, and the search for love in our huge, hyper-modern city can actually be pretty swell."

What Kind of Party Animal Are You? (An Illustrated Guide)

"Everyone’s got those party habits they can’t quite manage to shake.  Maybe you’ve resolved to be more outgoing, less flirty, or vaguely more sober at the next get-together you attend.

But some habits are difficult to tame. So instead, embrace them! There’s a party animal inside you, waiting to be discovered. Which one are you?"