Content and Copy Writing 

With over 5 years of professional web writing experience, I develop meaningful, SEO-ready content for retail, service, photography, and real estate clients, as well as create engaging copy for email newsletters, product descriptions, social media posts, and both web and print marketing campaigns.

Inclusivity is important to me, and I write with that in mind. Good copy and content should make everyone feel comfortable and welcome, no matter who they are.

Select clients include Eventbrite, The Lingerie Addict, and idktonight.

Over the Apps? Speed Dating Is Way More Fun Than You’d Expect


"The name conjures mental images of desperate women in 1980s power suits and awkward men with bad hair, struggling to form a conversation between five-minute bell rings. When the day came, I put on my makeup as I would for any other date (except this one was with at least a dozen men) and wondered if people even go to these things anymore — or if they do, what kind of people go.”

4 Questions to Ask For A Better Fitting Bra

The Lingerie Addict

"Sometimes it feels like finding the “perfect” bra size means picking up an entirely new hobby. But bra fitting truly doesn’t have to be complicated. "

Anything Is a Hat: An Afternoon with NYC Style Icon Debra Rapoport


"The door opens to a burst of light and there stands Debra Rapoport, dressed in perfectly coordinated shades of light olive green and dusty cocoa brown from head to toe. With an effortless dramatic gesture of her hands, she’s framed by the door like an 18th-century portrait of a royal, wearing a green bow-topped headpiece.

Debra, queen of fabulous hats."

A Day in the Life: Lingerie Brand Founder Helena Stuart of Only Hearts

The Lingerie Addict

"Helena Stuart, founder, owner, and designer of Only Hearts, does as much work as you’d expect from a woman who has led a company for almost 40 years."

PSA: You Don’t Need an Excuse to Quit Drinking


“That rite of passage feels especially like a requirement in New York, where the city itself sparkles like Champagne and thrives on excess, chanting, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” to everything, just because it can … Making the choice to not drink in NYC can feel like missing out on a milestone — even when you feel like that milestone might not be the right one for you. “

What Influences Lingerie Sizing?

The Lingerie Addict

"The modern ready-to-wear lingerie industry is a blessing and a curse. On the bright side, it means great lingerie is widely available to many people, as opposed to just those privileged enough to have custom-made intimates. On the other hand, ready-made lingerie doesn’t fit everyone."